LAPADA Fair 2023 Samurai


We received an invitation to showcase a selection of our collection at the esteemed LAPADA Fair, held in Berkeley Square, situated in London’s prestigious Mayfair district. Being newcomers to the art fair scene, we aimed to make a lasting impression by presenting a carefully curated selection of top-tier armours dating from the early momoyama to edo periods.

Our booth garnered enthusiastic feedback from attendees, many of whom were pleasantly surprised to find themselves transported back to the era of the samurai amidst expectations of paintings and tall clocks. In total, we exhibited eight complete armors, four helmet and masks sets including a rare museum piece previously showcased at the Royal Armouries and Ashmolean. Additionally, we presented two daimyƍ-grade armours on lifelike Iki-ningyo mannequins, providing attendees with a vivid representation of how these armours would have been worn by samurai.

Freya Simms Chief Executive LAPADA with LAPADA Member David Thatcher

David Thatcher being presented with the LAPADA Award by Freya Simms Chief Executive of LAPADA

The event proved to be a resounding success, with several significant and exceptionally rare pieces finding new homes. Adding to our delight, we were honored with the LAPADA award for the best stand, further enhancing the gratification of our participation.